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Should I Shred My Documents?

If you are worried about the security of your personal information, you may want to shred your documents. Utility bills and credit card statements should be high on your list of documents to shred. Once payment has been confirmed, you should shred these documents. Also, remember to destroy your old bank statements and credit card statements.

Choosing a document shredding service

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a document shredding service. You want a company that will protect your business from identity theft and data breaches. You also want one that is GDPR-compliant. You should look for a company that provides periodic and regular services and has a solid reputation. This will ensure your documents are destroyed securely.

When choosing a document shredding service, make sure the company has a live person who can answer your calls. If you only get an automated voice, you may find it difficult to communicate your needs. Customer service is important and should be personalized and responsive. A local business is a better choice if you need personalized service.

Boston shredding company - Document Shredding Service

Before you choose a document shredding service, consider what type of documents you need to destroy. Are there any documents that contain sensitive information? These documents often contain social security numbers and account numbers. These details can be misused by a criminal to steal your identity or commit fraud. You should also consider if the document is required by law. Some documents must be retained for a certain amount of time.

Choosing a service that provides a certificate of destruction

When choosing a service to shred your documents, be sure to find one that provides a Certificate of Destruction. These certificates are important for two reasons. First, they prove that the documents have been destroyed and there is no trace of the information they contained. Secondly, they help protect you against the risk of data theft. It is important to choose a company with high standards of security and integrity.

Another important factor is trust. When selecting a shredding service, make sure that they are reputable and have a long history of success. You should also ask for references. These can help you determine how reliable a service is and if they offer personalized support. The more stable the company, the less chance you have of your documents falling into the wrong hands.

A Certificate of Destruction also demonstrates that the documents have been destroyed and follow regulations. Moreover, it can protect a company in case of a legal dispute. This can occur in a situation where a company has mishandled sensitive information. Obtaining a certificate is important to avoid legal pitfalls and to ensure that your records are safe and compliant.

Choosing a service that offers on-site secure shredding

On-site shredding is an excellent choice for businesses that have sensitive documents that must be disposed of properly. It allows for a representative of the company to monitor the process. However, onsite shredding can be challenging, especially during inclement weather. Off-site shredding, on the other hand, allows for documents to be picked up from the customer’s location by a secure company. This type of service is also often less expensive than onsite shredding. On-site secure shredding is an effective way to dispose of sensitive paper documents. It helps eliminate transportation risks and provides fast, secure document disposal. SecureScan also provides a Certificate of Destruction that details the shredding process.