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Mobile Shredding Vs Off-Site Service

On-Site Vs Off-Site Shredding

On-site vs. off-site shredding is a big topic in the document shredding industry. Both services have advantages and disadvantages. On-site shredding is convenient and reduces the risk of identity theft. Offsite shredding is not as convenient and requires multiple handlings.

Off-site shredding

When deciding whether to use mobile or off-site shredding services, consider a few things first. Off-site shredding will take several days, weeks, or even months to complete, and you run the risk of exposing sensitive information to others. On-site shredding is usually faster, but it can be more expensive. It may also require several people to process your documents, increasing the risk of information theft. Mobile shredding, on the other hand, is done by one technician at your office.

In addition to being more convenient, mobile shredding is also more secure. The shredding company will come to your office or business location and pick up your sensitive documents. They will then load their truck with them, and go on to the next business. Once all your records are shredded, a staff member can observe the process and ensure proper security.

One big difference between off-site shredding and mobile shredding is how the documents are handled. Mobile shredding companies use a mobile shredding truck with industrial-grade shredding machinery. This method prevents intact paperwork from leaving the office, reducing the risk of a data breach. The mobile shredder can also be tracked with cameras, allowing you to witness the entire destruction process.

Mobile shredding is an important aspect of document destruction, but it also requires a lot of preparation and time. While off-site shredding is convenient and easy to do, it is not as secure as off-site shredding. Off-site shredding will not destroy any confidential information or private information, but it will reduce your operating costs.

Mobile shredding

When it comes to shredding your records, off-site and mobile shredding services both have their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the security factor, off-site shredding services are often more expensive than mobile shredding services. The cost difference is usually worth the extra security features.

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Off-site shredding takes place at a separate location. In contrast, mobile shredding occurs on-site at the customer’s business with a secure mobile shredding truck. Both methods offer high-quality document destruction while still meeting government and industry compliance standards. A reputable company can ensure that all the necessary security measures are taken to keep confidential documents out of the hands of unauthorized individuals.

Off-site shredding requires the use of secure bins with locking tops. Confidential documents are placed inside them. The bins are then transported to the shredding truck. An automated bin tipper raises the bin into a tunnel that leads to the shredder. After shredding, the bins are emptied. Some mobile shredding trucks come with cameras to monitor the process.

Off-site shredding can be more efficient and convenient than mobile shredding. When the job is finished, the shredded paper is mixed with other shredded materials. That means that it’s practically impossible to reassemble the pieces. This process also results in a delay in receiving the Certification of Destruction, which verifies that all materials are completely destroyed.