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How Do You Shred Computer Media, CDs, and DVDs?

We offer secure shredding and destruction of CDs and DVDs. The material is shredded or Incinerated. All media such as CDs DVDs and Hard Drive must be kept separate from the rest of the material to be shredded. We prefer keeping the material in a box and marked “Media” because we handle media destruction through a separate stream.

Acceptable Media for destruction:

Acceptable Media for our destruction service:

(*) Hard Drives: PC and Mac.
(*) Backup Magnetic Tapes.
(*) Floppy Disk.
(*) Zip Disks and peripheral Drives.
(*) Optical CDs, DVD Media.

Our company’s standardized security policies, procedures, training and equipment guarantee assured compliance with the latest HIPAA rules and regulations.  Neighborhood Parcel Data Destruction service meets and exceeds all government mandates requiring secure data destruction which are listed on our Notarized Certificates of Destruction.  Our off-site data destruction services are utilized by many Boston-based companies and private consumers who are subject to stringent controls, regulations, guidelines, and the need for keeping their personal data safe from falling in the wrong hands.

Most Trusted Data Destruction Company in Boston MA

Our company is locally owned and operated and offers over a decade of industry experience and a lifetime commitment to secure data destruction.  Our dedicated employees undergo background checks and rigorous training on how to safely handle your data. Our team members are in majority American citizens who undergo a detailed background check, sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and are repeatedly trained in the safe handling of your data.

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